E-Bike License

There has been a big rise in the number of e-bike sales in recent years and they have certainly been growing in popularity. However, do you know that ebikes don’t require a license?

The bikes themselves are, as the name suggests, electricity powered and they have an electric motor usually on the front of the back of the device. Indeed, they are not actually classified as ‘bike’ in many countries and are more akin to scooters in reality and this has led to a bit of legal ambiguity in some countries in regards to what they should actually be classified under law and whether or not you need a license in order to ride one. There are currently 8 provinces in Canada that allow the use of these electric powered bikes and the fact is that you do not actually need a license to ride one in Canada. The only stipulations are that you have to be over 16 years of age and be wearing an approved helmet when you are riding.

There is also no real limitations in regards to where you can ride the bike either. In some countries you are not allow to have them on the pavements however in Canada you can legally ride an e-bike wherever you are able to ride a normal bicycle. The fact that they have become popular is not surprising seeing as they take much of the effort out of cycling but also offer a convenient and hassle free way in which you can get around a city. They can reach speeds of around 32 km/h (20 mph) so they are certainly not slow by any means however when it comes to trying to beat the traffic and getting to work in the morning then they care fast becoming the transportation of choice for many people.

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