Using EI In The Legal World

Can emotional intelligence come in hand in the legal profession? It has not always been rated that highly however it is a newish concept that has only really bee around and advocated for the past couple of decades so it is still very much in its infancy. Indeed, we are going to look at what emotional intelligence is here as well as how it can be used in the legal world.

If you can recognize what someone is feeling and then act on that accordingly then you are showing signs of emotional intelligence. The great thing about it is that it can actually be taught and people trained to recognize the signs even though some people will be more natural at it than others. It can also be used in a variety of different circumstances from an employee dispute to using it as a sales technique however we are going to look at how it can be used by lawyers.

Basically we want to be able to trust you lawyer and be able to tell them anything especially if they are defending us in court. This is why many law firms are now looking for lawyers that display a good degree of emotional intelligence – the signs can be found on any emotional intelligence (EQ) site – because they emphasize more with their clients. This has the result of there being a stronger bond of trust between lawyer and client and this can only be a good thing as far as the case goes. Being able to fully understand how your client feels and being able to take an action that represents this is also a vital attribute to have so you can see how effective EI can be and not only in the legal world but in many different professions too.

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